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Kim Laube & co is your one stop shop for high quality American made grooming products.  

With professional strength 50:1 concentrated shampoos and the most powerful clippers in the industry with a speed of over 10,000 strokes per minute we are the premiere brand to professionals.  

Kim Laube, the owner and founder of Kim Laube & co, began his business as a blade sharpener and service technician.  Laube spent the early 70's sharpening from shop to shop and fixing grooming equipment such as clippers and dryers.  Armed with a unique understanding into the groomer's needs, he now took his knowledge and experience to design better machines.  We are proud to be the top innovators in the industry with the fastest, lightest most powerful clippers on the market.  We keep all manufacturing in house at our location in California, U.S.A. so you can be sure that quality control is our top concern.  We also produce three full shampoo lines made with natural, pH balanced ingredients because we care for the health of the animal as well as the health of the professional groomer.

Try our clippers worry free with our 30 day money back guarantee.  We are confident that you will find the power and speed coupled with the light and ergonomic design unlike any other brand on the market.



“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”  A famous quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson in the late 19th century.  It states the “power of innovation”.  It must be true because in the United States 4400 patents have been registered for mousetraps… in addition to those that were rejected, and thus is the largest item patented in the United States.


In the 1970’s Kim Laube produced a better…professional hair clipper.  Like the other innovative manufacturers of hair clippers, Kim Laube started modestly…”like” in his own garage.  But the demand continued to grow; and today, like the others, it is a multi- million dollar business.

There is a reason.  The world of professional hair clipper users-whether groomers, barbers, veterinarians, or owners who  groom their own animals-continue to beat a path to the door of the Kim Laube Company or one of  many authorized distributors.  And here is the reason:


SPEED:  The Laube Clippers operate at up to 10,000 strokes per minute.  Competitive products operate at up to 4,400 strokes per minute (with a few exceptions).  This means, less time with each animal groomed, and because it is faster, the task takes less time- a benefit for the groomer and the animal- there is less wear and tear on the shoulders, and wrists of the groomer or owner.


WEIGHT:  The average Laube Clipper weighs just 9 ounces, the most powerful clipper weighs just 16 ounces (and just 14 ounces for the mini version).  This means it is less demanding on the groomer or owner for strength that gets used up in the process.  Competition is heavier at 18 ounces and heavier.  The effect is obvious.


MOTOR WARRANTY:  The Laube Clipper Motor is warrantied for 5 years.  Competition (with very few exceptions) warranty is just 1 year.  This means greater value, year after year.


BLADE STEEL:  Our blades are stronger with a hardness of 90+ Rockwell while all competitive blades are in the 70’s and lower.  These blades are ultra rust resistant and stay sharp longer, run cooler, and have a hard chrome finish.  Because they move side to side in a patented elliptical pattern, the blades stay sharp up to 10 times longer, saving considerable expense sharpening. 


ADDITIONAL SUPERIOR FEATURES:  18 foot cord versus competition at only 14 feet.  Ball bearings in the motor keep the clipper cooler by absorbing the heat produced compared to all others.  Options include; LED lights, cord or cordless on most models, 2 speed or variable, and the only clipper with a vacuum port through the handpiece capable of being connected to any commercial vacuum system; thus avoiding groomers breathing the compromised air.  Motor can be maintained and serviced, thus extending the life over all competition. 


For all the above reasons; people the world over beat a path to the door of the Kim Laube Company or one of the authorized distributors worldwide. 

Clippers last, and can be maintained and serviced routinely to extend the life even longer; for many years.  Satisfied customers tell the Company that regularly.  That is why it represents genuine value.


The shampoo’s produced by the Kim Laube Company include Kelco, Nature’s Choice and Wild Animal Brands.  They use only the finest ingredients.  All types are bio degradable, natural, and pH balanced. Made with high quality surfactants, natural alternatives to chemical based products.  They are highly concentrated and can be diluted to 50:1 (some more), which means that a gallon of 128 ounces makes 6,528 diluted ounces capable of shampooing up to 435 dogs.


In addition to the product superiority, the fragrance is also preferred and for good reason.  Not only does the animal smell better, cleaner and fresher, but the entire room has a pleasing fragrance.  Not the typical wet dog hair smell.  And it stays that way.  Truly superior to the many brands (some cheaper) that use less expensive surfactants and other ingredients.


So the world beats a path to the Laube doorway.

The Kim Laube Company is a small family owned production company in Southern California.  It does not have the benefit of large corporate pockets, to effectively deficit spend to produce temporary results.  It, nonetheless, produces the highest quality products that satisfy the animal lovers around the world, at reasonable prices, and predictable results.  And the Kim Laube Shampoo Brands are guaranteed to out perform any other shampoo.


The Company and its employees are dedicated to help you satisfy your demand for superior results for you and for all your animals… dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, puppies, kittens, ferrets and farm animals.   



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